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He who does not recognize happiness
when it comes, must not lament when it leaves.

ARCANA, Society for Health, Beauty, and Spiritual Growth

Happiness is undoubtedly the goal of every person´s life. The state, or experience of happiness includes: joy and pleasure, fulfillment and self-actualization, and last but not least; a sense for the meaning of life.

Everyone has his/her own unique pathway to happiness. And it needs to be discovered! There is not an elevator toward happiness …, but stairway. Along the way we never stop discovering new things, nor do we ever stop learning. Our brain also needs training – a healthy brain inside a healthy body.

We were born into certain conditions, with certain talents. We can make use of them quite freely and develop them throughout our entire lives.

Focusing on the here and now wields great power since every thought, which is had, forms our futures. In view of that, it is important to think positively, and to rid ourselves of harmful mental habits such as feelings of disgust, fear, guilt, criticism, self-hate, self-depreciation, etc.

Bad mental habits are only thoughts and fixed ways of thinking which truly can be changed. As a result, our emotions and experiences are changed as well.

Everyone should know and like oneself well. It is not selfish. It is a natural way of existence. Only one who truly loves oneself is able to love others.

When we truly love ourselves, all things go well for us in life. Love (toward self and others) and knowledge (of self and others) are the most important. Furthermore, movement (sport) and fantasy (art) are also crucial.

We begin by accepting ourselves just as we are, with all our strengths and weaknesses. Forget normality and abnormality. Everyone has the right to life and happiness!

We form the majority of illnesses of the body and mind through negative mental habits. It is vital to get rid of them and purify ourselves. Nothing is compulsory and we are free to choose our own destiny. We are who we are, nothing more, nothing less. We are ourselves.

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