About Us

ARCANA, Society for Health, Beauty, and Spiritual Growth

It is difficult to find happiness within oneself and impossible to find it elsewhere...

organizes professional activities which contribute to the improvement of life. These involve concepts such as quality of life, satisfaction with life, well-being, welfare, happiness, etc.

Name Origin
The Romans used the word "arcanus" for everything that was mysterious and magical. Mystery was also hidden behind the word "arcanum". During Antiquity and the Middle Ages Sacrum Cereris arcanae was commonly known as the ceremony of the mysterious Ceres, goddess of agriculture, grain crops, and fertility.

The concept "arcanum" is used in hermetism in connection with Tarot (78 cards designated for various hermetic purposes), and with Spagyria (the basis of hermetic medicine. Spagyric medicinal products, arcana, are prepared from the so-called quintessences, i.e. pure, highly concentrated spiritual essences of various substances). “ The philosopher´s stone” (lapis philosophorum) was considered to be the highest Arcanum. Hermetic physicians (see Paracelsus) were therefore also called “arcanists.”

The name "arcana" (pronounced "archana" in Sanskrit) also has, of course, ancient Indian roots. In Hinduism, it represents worshipping God in such a way that all senses are turned towards the Highest Divine Being and occupied by service to the Highest One.

The following overview of seven Sanskrit words will give you an idea:
arká - sun, sunshine, sun god, hymn, singer, erect penis, calotropis gigantea (tree),
arkaja - coming from the sun,
arkeen - radiating, hymn-like,
árchati - radiate, praise,
archana - adoration, worship,
archa - statue of deity, relic,
archee - ray, flame.

Who We Are
ARCANA was first founded in 1990 as a psychological practice, later as the Society for Health, Beauty, and Spiritual Growth along with the Institute of Positive System Psychotherapy (formerly the Czech-German Institute of Positive Psychotherapy in close cooperation with the Wiesbaden Academy of N. Peseschkian) and the Brno Institute of Graphoanalysis. Both institutes are active in the area of practice, scientific research and education. From among the courses, it is important to emphasize Memory and Mental Training (MMT). The practice of clinical psychology and psychotherapy is very busy having already served several thousand clients. Coaching and personnel activities are also offered along with our activities, though marginally.

The professionals who form the core of the society: J. Kulka, R. Fajtová, K. Kopřivová, and, until recently, also L. Kazda(+).  Other current and former colleagues: U. Boessmann, G. Hübner, T. Jossé,  M. Katzensteiner, T. Kornbichler, J. Okoro, N. Peseschkian(+) and V. Slabinskij.

What We Provide
We offer comprehensive psychological services (diagnostic testing, evaluation, treatment, training and counseling). Furthermore, we offer graphological, personnel, and publicist services, and various educational events. We provide special services to artists and people devoted to creative activities. Another specialty is the study of internet and social media psychology. It is possible to order usability testing of the web.

How We Differ From Others
In spite of our respect for the scientific method, we do not consider science as the only possible path to knowledge. There is also another path to knowledge – mysticism. Scientific criterion of practical verification also applies to mysticism, which must not contradict science. There is only one kind of cosmic intelligence. Therefore, our work combines scientific methods with alternative ones, and a system approach with a holistic approach. Some experts – including us – do not even acknowledge this distinction.

After forty years of research, we have come to our own theory of life happiness, to the system theory of personality and the positive approach. We do not regard the positive approach naively. It does not mean putting on rose-colored glasses. There is a whole (= positum) and within this whole, good has priority over bad, truth over lies, right over wrong. According to this belief evil is a mistake, pain is our friend and suffering is our teacher.

Even though our approach is original, it is possible to view its predecessors or inspirations. It is mystical philosophy and alternative medicine (esp. Zen Buddhism and Ayurveda), general systems theory and cybernetics, humanistic psychology, positive psychology, and positive psychotherapy. We are able to integrate into our theory and practice anything that proves to be beneficial.

Doc. PhDr. Jiří Kulka, CSc.

is the founder of the ARCANA company and the coordinator of its activities. He completed studies in scientific fields including many titles (doctorate, PhD. and associate professorship at FF UJEP, now MU, and JAMU). He is licensed in the areas of clinical psychology, psychotherapy, school and counselling psychology, graphology, musicology, aesthetics and art theory, classical guitar and teaching music.

From an organizational point of view he is the director of the Institute of Positive System Psychotherapy and the Brno Institute of Graphoanalysis. Apart from this, he runs a private practice of clinical psychology and psychotherapy, a nongovernmental medical facility.

Last but not least he is the author and practitioner of his own MMT system, i.e. Memory and Mental Training.