Coaching and Human Resources

Coaching represents guiding the coachee to reach desired goals. It is a professional relationship and a method. It helps create results which fulfill an individual in his/her personal and professional life.

From the point of view of our philosophy, coaching promotes positive change through improving thinking and acting leading to happiness.

Therefore, our coaching

  • Discovers reserves, an individual´s potential for successful work and happy life,
  • Creates a strategy to achieve specific goals,
  • Forms a training plan or correction procedure,
  • Assists, motivates, and supports,
  • Analyzes results and obstacles which stand in the way of achieving happiness.

Our personnel program draws upon philosophy of life and positive concept of man. It respects a holistic view of individuals (the unity of body, soul, and spirit) and understands work and profession as an important part of a happy life – work is supposed to bring joy, be pleasant, fulfilling and foster understanding and experiencing its meaning through self-actualization.

Our activities focus mainly on organizations and companies. We offer to:

  • Find or select a new employee for any job position
  • Conduct an audit of current employees
  • Improve work organization, increase quality of communication and leadership on all levels
  • Improve company climate, minimize conflict and establish good interpersonal relationships
  • Provide management training and/or employee training